Angličtina 7

úkoly do 08/05/2020

lekce 8


Well done! Thank you for your super ideas about how to protect our enviroment!!!

Some of you have done really fantastic presentations!

Last week again more pupils atendet our Quiz. Class 7.D was most numerous and Mat Goj was the winner!!! Congratulations!

If you want to take a part this week go to Extra task.

This week we will talk about our likes and dislikes

Tasks for this week are very easy.

Exercise 1

Watch these two short videos .

Exercise 2:

Write 4 sentences about what you like to do and 4 sentences about what you don´t like to do.

Use different ways how to express your likes and dislikes.

Make it fun!

Write it in an e-mail or make presentation (with pictures) or write in a document. Choose what is better for you.

Attention!!! Your projects send to your English teachers!!!

Teacher´s Hekerova group:

Teacher´s Slovakova group:

Teacher´s Borova group:

Teacher´s Weczerkova group:

Extra task:

On - line Quiz. Click on the time and your class. It´ll connect you. (Klikni na čas a třídu a navážeš spojení.)

Monday 4.5. 10:00 - 10:30 7.A

10:30 - 10:00 7.B

Tuesday 5.5. 10:00 - 10:30 7.C

10:30 - 11:00 7.D