Angličtina 7

úkoly do 15/05/2020

lekce 9

Great job! It´s interesting how different and varied activities you like.

Last week again more pupils atendet our Quiz. Last week winners are: Anička, Ondra, Terka, Klárka a Mat!!! Congratulations!

If you want to take a part this week go to Extra task.

This week we celebrate Mother´s Day

Exercise 1

Practice with CD in your Workbook:

a) Grammar - Unit 1, Exercise7: like + -ing

b) Vocabulary - Unit 1, Exercise3: Adjectives

c) Culture - Unit 1, Exercise2: My life (listening)

Exercise 2:

Write minimum 6 sentences about your mom. Describe what she is like, what she likes doing, what character features you love her for etc...

Please! really take care how you do it. It´s about your mother!

Write it in an e-mail or make presentation (with pictures) or write in a document. Choose what is better for you.

Attention!!! Your projects send to your English teachers!!!

Teacher´s Hekerova group:

Teacher´s Slovakova group:

Teacher´s Borova group:

Teacher´s Weczerkova group:

Extra task:

On - line Quiz. Click on the time and your class. It´ll connect you. (Klikni na čas a třídu a navážeš spojení.)

Monday 11.5. 10:00 - 10:30 7.A

10:30 - 10:00 7.B

Tuesday 12.5. 10:00 - 10:30 7.C

10:30 - 11:00 7.D