Angličtina 7

LEKCE 1 - Introduction

  • do 20. 3. 2020

  • úkoly vám byly zadány prostřednictvím systému Bakalář

LEKCE 2 - My new home

  • do 27. 3. 2020

  • od této lekce je zadání pro všechny skupiny 7. roč společné.

Exercise 1:

Page 8, exercise 2 "My new home"

Read and listen to the text "My new home"

Are the satements in questionnaire true or false?

Exercise 2:


a. Watch short video about Auckland. (You can put subtitles and watch it in slower version -Rychlost přehrávání 0.75)

b. Make presentation abou this city. Presentation will have maximum 2 slides. Write it in 6-8 sentences.

1st slide : a. In what country lies Auckland?

b. More precisely where is it?

Put 1 or 2 pictures

2nd slide: Choose 4 major attractions - describe in 1 sentence each. To each attraction add 1 photo.

c. Send this presentation on e-mail address:

Exercise 3:


On Saturday mornings Conor and his friends are usually at the sports centre. They have lessons in table tennis, badbinton and other sports with the sports instructor, Mr Riley. There weren´t any lessons last weekend, because everyone was away.

Listen the dialogue and write answers in questionnaire:

Exercise 4:

Vocabulary 1A

Write into your vocabulary book and learn new vocabulary 1A - My life, A new home (pg.74)

Exercise 5:

Practicing with CD (CD is in your Workbook)

Grammar Unit 1 Past Simple: to be

Vocabulary Unit 1 Life stages