Angličtina 8

Thanks for your great job you do in english!

Homework for this week has two parts - vocabulary and modal verbs.

Modal verbs we are dealing with this week are: must/mustn´t/don´t have to (muset/nesmět/nemuset)

part 1 - vocabulary

  • write 6B,C/78 into your vocabulary book

  • practice it in WocaBee, there is only one packet.

Part 2 - must/mustn´t/don´t have to

  • complete page 56 in your workbook

  • practice it in an interactive worksheet here. (After completing the text click Check my answers. If you don´t like the results, you can repeat it as many times as you want.)

  • This worksheet send to your teachers:, (after finishing the test click the button: Email my answers to my teacher, write your name, group (8.A, 8.B or 8.C), subject English and teacher´s email.