Angličtina 8

úkoly do 10/04/2020

Many thanks for you pics of English breakfast. All of them looked really tasty. I think that you and your family members liked it a lot!

I also hope, you wrote correctly all 37 words conected to the topic "Health and body" into your vocabulary. We will work with them in a new application WocaBee. Expect a mail from your teacher.

This time our homework has three parts, part 3 will be checked by your teachers and you get a mark.

PART 1 - New vocabulary

  • write from your workbook to vocabulary, page 78/L6A

part 2 - Should/shouldn´t

  • you will give advice using SHOULD/SHOULDN´T (- měl bys/neměl bys. Následuje jen infinitiv bez "to". Example: You should take an umbrella, it is going to rain.) It´s easy, write 54/2 in your workbook.

  • practice it in an interactive worksheet here. (After completing the text click Check my answers. If you don´t like the results, you can repeat is as many times as you want.)

PART 3 - Human body

  • this worksheet you will send to your teachers:,

  • try to do your best, you can repeat the test. Good luck :)

  • after finishing the test click the button: Email my answers to my teacher, write your name, group (8.A, 8.B or 8.C), subject: English and teacher´s email. You will get a mark (I hope a nice one!)