Angličtina 8

Hallo to all of you in the middle of may :)

  • thank you for your nice practicing the vocabulary in WocaBee

  • thanks for your last homework in workbook (pg.57) and sending pics of it to us. BUT! Some students haven´t sent it yet, so do it as soon as possible

  • our current homework has 3 tasks: Phrasal verbs, Workbook, WocaBee:

Task 1 - PHrasal verbs

(zápis do sešitu)

  • zapiš do slovníku zezadu, kam píšeme gramatiku:

  • tato slovesa se skládají z více částí, obvykle z hlavního slovesa a příslovečné částice, tady jsou ta nejčastější (český překlad doplň):

  • put on

  • take off

  • keep up with

  • give up

  • look for

  • get in

  • get off

  • pick up

  • break up

  • let down

  • hold on

  • fall down

  • look after

  • look forward to

  • go out

  • wake up

  • switch on

  • switch off

  • try on

  • try out

  • get up

  • sit down

  • stand up

  • look at

Task 2 - Workbook

  • complete the page 59 in your workbook

  • take the picture of it and send it to your teachers

  • mails:,

Task 3 - Wocabee

  • don´t forget!!! There is the competition in application till 24th May. The best 10 players get nice mark :)

Just for reading to be informed about one interesting person:

Nicholas winton

an extraordinary man

Sir Nicholas George Winton was born on 19 May 1909 in London. Today it would have been his 111 birthday.

He established an organisation to rescue children at risk from the Holocaust. He saved 669 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia bringing them by train to the UK. They would have been sent to Nazi concentration camps with their parents. He paid endless bribes to Gestapo agents, and covered the expenses of children whose parents had already been killed or forced into hiding. In the UK children were adopted by British families.

Winton was very humble man. He stayed quiet for 50 years, when in 1988 his wife found a dusty old scrapbook in their attic and told about it to BBC.

Nicholas was knighted in 2003 for services to humanity, and he was later awarded the highest honour of the Czech Republic - the Order of the White Lion. He died peacefully in his sleep in 2015, at 106 years old.

He never saw himself as a hero but it was the extraordinary act of bravery.